Official: 'TianGong GPT' Released!

News Mar 17, 2023



1. About Tiangong GPT

1.1 Tiangong GPT

  • It is an intelligent analysis tool for academic papers in the field of environment and sustainable development.
  • Developed by Professor Ming Xu's Environmental Data Science and Systems Engineering team at Tsinghua University's School of Environment.
  • The tool features a chat-based interface in multiple languages to help improve research and work efficiency.
  • It is currently in the Research Preview stage, and can be accessed free of charge without the need for login credentials.

1.2 How to Use the Tool

  • Step 1: Select and upload a PDF file.
  • Step 2: Wait for the file to be analyzed.
  • Step 3: Start chatting!

1.3 Some additional information

  • TianGong GPT is specifically trained for scientific research in the field of environment and sustainable development. Please select papers within this field.
  • Chatting is based on the selected paper, so conversations should be conducted paper by paper.
  • For further information, please refer to the beta test instructions provided on the interface.

2. Prompts: How to Chat with TianGong GPT

  • TianGong GPT's prompts support various languages.

  • Prompts can also be a mix of multiple languages, and GPT will respond based on the primary language of the question.

  • Here are some prompts that you can try out:

    • 这篇论文的主要内容是什么
    • 主要创新点有哪些
    • 详细介绍下研究方法
    • 主要的贡献和implications有哪些
    • 论文的Discussion有哪些主要观点?
    • Summarize the introduction of this paper.
    • Provide a literature review of this paper.
    • Present the results of the study.
    • Conclusions from the paper
    • Limitations of this paper
    • Future works suggested in this paper

3. Follow-up

3.1 Model Training and Tool Updates

  • Efforts will be continuously made to organize data labeling and optimize the GPT model.
  • The model and tool will be updated regularly without any noticeable interruptions, ensuring an improved user experience.

3.2 Testing and Feedback

  • TianGong GPT is still in the Research Preview beta testing stage and welcomes feedback on any issues.

  • In situations where there is a high volume of users and server load, access issues may occur. In such cases, please refresh or reopen the page.

  • If a PDF file cannot be read or other abnormalities occur, please:

    • Confirm that the PDF file is a text content version, not a scanned image.
    • Refresh the page, close and reopen the browser, or clear the browser cache.
  • Any issues, screenshots, and problematic PDF files can be reported to [email protected].

4. Exploring More Possibilities

  • We support local deployment of TianGong GPT to enhance user experience.
  • We welcome collaboration to explore more possible application scenarios for TianGong GPT.